(54 Pack) 4x4 Wood Fence Post Caps (3 5/8") Black, Decking Caps for Pressure Treated Wood Fence, Made in USA

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?? The 3 5/8" fits standard 4x4" Posts, and has a nail-in-place installation style that enhances the stability and lengthens the lifespan of this high-quality, fence post cap ?? It features a black polypropylene construction that is both weather and UV resistant, for long-lasting color and performance. Great, in high winds, rain, snow and sun ?? Designed and manufactured the USA by the leading manufacturer in the post cap industry with high quality materials ?? This easy to install post cap sleeves over the top of the post, fits externally and requires only one screw for installation. Pack sizes comes in either 32 or 54 ?? All of our post caps are made to fit posts of their respective size. For example, a 3-5/8" post cap will fit a 3-5/8" post (outside diameter), a 4" post cap will fit a 4" post (outside diameter), and so forth

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