Door Draft Stopper – High Performance Silicone Door Sweep w VHB Adhesive 3M Strip | Draft Blocker for Under Door Seal Gap Interior & Exterior Doors Weather Stripping Soundproof | Draft Guard Insulator

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Manufacturer Description

Struggling to keep temperatures consistent in your home? Can't stop pests from invading your living space? Need soundproof doors that block out noisy neighbors? Our 5-in-1 under door draft blocker does it all!

Q: How well does it block sound and moisture?
A: With three hefty layers of waterproof insulation, loud noises and moisture are no match for the door draft blocker.

Q: Can the door guard be cut to size?
A: Yes! The door blocker is easy to cut with a utility knife or scissors.

Q: Should I use the draft guard on the inside or outside of my door?
A: It's up to you! The under door seal is versatile, so you can place it on an interior door or exterior door.

How to Install Your Door Seal:
1. Use rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the application area.
2. Measure the length of the area you want to seal and make sure the door seal strip is barely touching the floor. Cut to size.
3. Ensure room temperature is above 75 degrees when applying. If needed, use a hair dryer to warm the area before installing.
4. Peel backing off the adhesive and be sure not to get dirt on it. With the door closed, adhere the strip by pressing firmly.
5. During the first 48 hours after installation, re-apply firm pressure to the door bottom seal several times and use the door as little as possible for the first 48 hours.

5-in-1 Multifunctional Door Trim:
? Improves energy efficiency
? Stops drafts and dust
? Blocks moisture
? Dampens sound
? Keeps insects and rodents out

Who It's For:
? Homeowners and renters who love lower energy bills
? People who hate insects and rodents in their home
? Anyone who wants a soundproof door

Don't settle for a drafty, noisy, bug-ridden home. Get your door weatherstrip today and kick higher energy bills (and annoying critters) to the curb!

Product Features

BLOCK DRAFT AND DEBRIS - Hate dirt, dust and drafty rooms? Our door draft stopper gets rid of drafty, inconsistent temperatures for good. Making your home more energy-efficient has never been easier! GET EXCITED ABOUT YOUR ENERGY BILL - Turn the monthly dread of opening your electric bill into a fun game of "How Much Did I Save This Month?" Just apply your easy-install door sweep and watch the savings roll in! ADHERES TO ALL DOOR TYPES - Our flexible weather stripping for doors works on all materials, including: wood, glass, metal, plastic and more. Its innovative adhesive is strong and stays in place. KEEP SOUND AND PESTS OUT - Live in a noisy apartment complex or stairwell? Hate hearing your kids slam their doors? Can't stop roaches, bugs and rodents from creeping in under the door? The door gap blocker soundproofs and stops bugs, too! FRUSTRATION-FREE INSTALLATION - Say goodbye to foam sealants and hard-to-apply fabrics that snag and tear. The draft stopper gives you reliable door insulation that's easier to install, lighter on your wallet and more effective!

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