Fritz-Pak Concrete Superplasticizer, 2.4lbs. Cement Additive Improves Workability & Strength. Plasticizer Gives 25% Water Reduction or 6" Slump Increase. Great for Stamped Countertops, Patios & Floors

Price: $23.40
Availability: Not Available Discontinued

Supercizer 5's unique blend enhances concrete workability with higher early and ultimate strength, higher durability, lower permeability, and reduced shrinkage, cracks & creep. Makes concrete more pliable & easier to mold with a smoother finish, great for concrete art applications. Corrosive-free plasticizer improves cohesiveness and reduces concrete segregation. Packaged in water-soluble bags for convenient use at the plant or job site (No need for admixture dispenser) Need a different amount of supercizer? Just search Amazon for "supercizer" to see our other listings!

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