Seal It Green Xtreme Grout Sealer. Non-Toxic, High Performance Tile & Grout Sealer. Keeps Your Grout and Tile Free from Stains Caused by Mold, Mildew, Food & Rust. Treats 100 Square Feet.

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SEALS & PROTECTS GROUT, GRANITE & NATURAL STONE From Stains Caused By Food, Wine, Oils, Mold, Mildew Or Rust. Great For Use In Kitchens, Bathrooms & Outdoor Living Areas. Preserves The Natural Look Of The Stone Or Grout And Will Not Change It's Appearance NON-TOXIC. Does Not Contain Toxic Solvents, Fluoropolymers Or Flammable Ingredients & Is Zero VOC INDOOR/OUTDOOR TECHNOLOGY. Easy To Apply Spray On Sealer. Completely UV resistant and transparent. Can be used inside or outside the home. Use it to protect grout and natural stone around your outdoor cooking and living areas. Will not yellow, crack or peel ever or your money back PERMANENT BOND. Seal It Green Extreme Grout Sealer Creates A Permanent Bond With The Stone Or Grout. That Means It Will Never Crack, Peel, Yellow Or Chip Like Polymer/Acrylic Based Sealers 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Seal It Green Extreme Grout Sealer comes with a 5 Year Performance Warranty

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