Ultimate MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR - Full Frame Velcro to Ensure All Bugs Are Kept Out - 60g Screen Guaranteeing Durability

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STRONG! 26 high-energy magnets SEWN INTO THE SEAM (so they'll never break or fall off), are hidden from view, to ensure a quick, automatic close EVERY TIME. NO GAPS down the ENTIRE vertical closure means no bugs in your home. Effortlessly! FUNCTIONAL! You don't need to be a handy-man to install this magic screen door. No tools required. If you're relatively handy, you can hang this bug screen within minutes. If you aren't so handy, it could take you 10-15 minutes. After you install it once, you'll get the hang of it and you'll have it up in minutes, with no help from friends or neighbors...It's Never Been Easier! DEPENDABLE! Strongest, most sturdy mesh available; which makes it perfect for a pet screen door and high-traffic doors. It enables you to carry grill items like charcoal, uncooked food, utensils and silverware, drinks, cooked food, napkins, etc, back and forth to the yard - WITH EASE! DURABLE! Manufactured with 60g mesh screen, instead of the standard 30g, which means that your screen be durable enough to withstand high-volume traffic, pets, and kids, for many years. UNCOMMON! Backed by a "no questions asked" 30 day return policy AND a 1 year replacement warranty against manufacturing defects. Try it for 30 days on us, and if it isn't everything you expected, return it for a full refund. If the screen door EVER fails, simply contact us and we'll REPLACE IT FOR FREE! Our friendly support team are only an email or phone call away.

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