Muzata Hand Swage Tensioner Fitting Threaded Stud End Terminal 50Pack 1/8" Cable Railing Kit T316 Stainless Steel,DIY Balusters Stair Deck Decking CR23,Series CA1 CD1 CS1 CD2 CS2

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Cost-effective - Popular economical terminal for cable railing projects.CR23 could work as both ends.You could use it with other terminals like CR24 .Lower your budget with it. You can use CR23 with two 30 degrees angled beveled washers CR25 on stairs. Marine grade - CR23 swage threaded studs are made of T316 Marine Grade stainless steel,super strong resistance to rust,water and corrosion. Great cable tensioner for both outdoor and indoor 1/8 cable railing system.Works for both wood and metal posts.Supports deck and stair railing. Large adjustable range - Rotate the hex nut to “pull out” the rod for tightening the cable.Then cut off the extra thread rod with a power cutting tool. Then put the cap on. Recommended cable railing fitting to work with CR23 :1/8 stainless steel cable wire rope (MUZATA WR01);customized hydraulic crimper (MUZATA CT01),Protector sleeves(MUZATA CR13);30 degree angle beveled washer(MUZATA CR25), stemball swage(MUZATA CR24) SPEC - Only works for posts not greater than 2”. This deck railing hardware fits 1/8-inch OD cable of railing system,The hand swage tensioners were designed for wood,steel,aluminum post on deck railing. Overall length =4.1", thread length =1.4", pilot hole size = 1/8",hole to drill=1/4" .Package includes 50pcs Threaded Terminal Studs ( includes washer and lock nut)

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